Things that were either originally published elsewhere or things that I tried to have published elsewhere.

The Abridged History of the Federal Negative and Judicial Review

Today, the Supreme Court holds the ability to declare any law—state or federal—unconstitutional through its power of judicial review. The framers of the Constitution had other ideas, however: James Madison famously proposed the federal negative, which would allow Congress to nullify state laws. Perhaps Madison was on to »

Misconceptions of the Digital Generation

What follows is an unreleased and discarded excerpt from a book about how digital natives—defined loosely as the generation which was born with instant digital communication—interact with social media, and how these interactions are misunderstood by adults. It is not meant to be read as a complete or »

An Introduction to Privacy

Privacy is a human right. To many, it is a given. It is prerequisite for individualism, free will, and democracy. It provides a platform for free speech. Privacy allows for personal security, and in its absence we are open to countless threats, both on our bodies and on our minds. »