Bureaucracy at its finest. Or maybe not. Government is value neutral. Hopefully is positive.

FOSTA-SESTA is now law. Where does that leave the Internet?

Though FOSTA-SESTA was signed into law just over one month ago, its impact on the Internet is already visible. The bill was meant to curb online sex trafficking. In reality, all it did was push sex workers back into the shadows—and ended an era of Internet freedom. What is »

Did John Bolton sabotage North Korean peace talks?

Everything was going so well. North and South Korea participated in the Winter Olympics under a single flag. North Korea destroyed its last known nuclear test site. Kim Jong Un met with South Korean leader Moon Jae-in, and they each stepped on the other's territory. The North even scheduled talks »

Foreign Policy: Two Stages, One Medium

Those who conduct foreign policy must appease two diverging constituencies: their voters back home, and the international arena. Usually, their interests don't align. But what happens when their communication channels do? »

Counterarguments to Anti-Net Neutrality Talking Points

Net Neutrality is necessary for a free, open, and uncensored Internet. Still, Net Neutrality finds itself under attack. Below is a series of arguments against Net Neutrality created by Reddit user /u/renegade_division paired with rebuttals. /u/renegade_division's argument has been edited for concision and clarity. "Two »

Net Neutrality: the Facts, Statistics, and Rebuttals

Like most political movements in the twenty-first century, the fight for Net Neutrality is taking place on Twitter. Before embarking on an online crusade of Tweets to save Net Neutrality, though, one needs to arm oneself with the facts, statistics, and rebuttals necessary to be an effective proponent of the »