Donald Trump

The man... the myth... the... President?

Don't Be Fooled: We Still Don't Have Donald Trump's Tax Returns

Today, MSNBC released Donald Trump's 1040 tax form from 2005. But don't be fooled: we still don't have his tax returns. This fight is far from over. Only a few moments ago, Rachel Maddow announced that MSNBC had obtained copies of Donald Trump's tax returns from 2005. Later, it was »

The State of Surveillance as Trump Moves into Office

On the eve of his exit from office, President Barack Obama has issued a new set of rules governing how the NSA handles the information attained through its extensive international surveillance system. Under these new regulations, the NSA can share the data it collects with other members of the U. »

Privacy under Donald Trump, and Why You Should Care

During Trump’s acceptance speech at 3AM, I was scrolling through Snapchat (as is expected of a digitally-connected 15 year old), trying to gauge the reactions from my friends. Some were confused. Some were disappointed. Others were angry. I felt a combination of all three, a mix of emotion that »