Civil is a fluff word, and so is engagement. But put those two together and you have... a buzzword. Let's change that.


A Quantitative Measure of Partisan Periphery

How does one go about creating a quantitative measure of legislative partisan periphery? This is a challenge I face in the DroneScout project, as we try to determine the determinants of Congressional oversight on drones—and whether partisan periphery is one of them. For a concept as elusive and subjective »

Hide So That Hiding Doesn't Stand Out

The phrase "I have nothing to hide" is inherently flawed. It implies that the speaker is a completely complacent citizen, incapable of opinion or any sort of activism that would be met with government resistance. It also implies that the speaker has never had confidential information shared with »

If Not You, Then Who?

It has been awhile since a leak pertaining to suspicionless surveillance has been at the forefront of the mainstream media, but cognizance of the United States' domestic spying activities remain as important, if not more, under Donald Trump. Juxtaposed with the extreme jingoism (and borderline chauvinism) that we have recently »

An Introduction to Privacy

Privacy is a human right. To many, it is a given. It is prerequisite for individualism, free will, and democracy. It provides a platform for free speech. Privacy allows for personal security, and in its absence we are open to countless threats, both on our bodies and on our minds. »