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All These Cyberattacks Could Have Been Stopped

Less than a month after much of the United States' digital arsenal was leaked, the vulnerabilities are resurfacing as malware. This could—and should—have been stopped. Starting Friday, a ransomware attack known as "WannaCry" has infected computers in over 99 countries, targeting both critical infrastructure and standard »


Not All Drones are Military Drones

There is little doubt that drones are a groundbreaking military technology Their advantages over traditional aircraft are well known: they allow for the execution of surveillance and strike operations without risking the life of pilots. Unlike traditional airborne surveillance, which relies on high-altitude aircraft taking photos from miles above, drones »

Don't Be Fooled: We Still Don't Have Donald Trump's Tax Returns

Today, MSNBC released Donald Trump's 1040 tax form from 2005. But don't be fooled: we still don't have his tax returns. This fight is far from over. Only a few moments ago, Rachel Maddow announced that MSNBC had obtained copies of Donald Trump's tax returns from 2005. Later, it was »

What the 'Vault 7' CIA Leak's Coverage is Missing

This morning, WikiLeaks published what appears to be the largest leak of CIA documents in the agency's history. The documents included in the leak describe cyberweapons which allow the CIA to remotely control computers, turn any phone or TV into a listening device, and bypass encryption before it was even »

Hide So That Hiding Doesn't Stand Out

The phrase "I have nothing to hide" is inherently flawed. It implies that the speaker is a completely complacent citizen, incapable of opinion or any sort of activism that would be met with government resistance. It also implies that the speaker has never had confidential information shared with »

If Not You, Then Who?

It has been awhile since a leak pertaining to suspicionless surveillance has been at the forefront of the mainstream media, but cognizance of the United States' domestic spying activities remain as important, if not more, under Donald Trump. Juxtaposed with the extreme jingoism (and borderline chauvinism) that we have recently »

Hacking Is Part of It. Hacking Isn't All of It.

When you hear 'privacy,' what comes to mind? This story is a work in progress. Whenever I would ask this question, I would almost always hear something along the lines of "strong passwords" and "good online habits"—and rightfully so, this is all good advice. »

The Panopticon Effect

The Panopticon Imagine a large cylinder shaped chamber. It's roughly 50 meters in diameter, and 30 meters tall. In the center is a guard tower, and on all sides of the room are prison cells. There are four levels of cells, and they are arranged so that the each cell »

The State of Surveillance as Trump Moves into Office

On the eve of his exit from office, President Barack Obama has issued a new set of rules governing how the NSA handles the information attained through its extensive international surveillance system. Under these new regulations, the NSA can share the data it collects with other members of the U. »

On the Patriot Act

In short, not so patriotic after all. In the aftermath of 9/11, the Patriot Act was passed. This bill, introduced on October 23rd 2001 and signed into law just three days later on October 6th, allowed for the violation of many Constitutional rights in the name of increased security. »

The Commoditization of Privacy

Privacy is no longer the inalienable right that it once was. Instead, it is now a currency. It is bought and sold, under-regulated, and invisible. "If you're not paying, you're the product." It's become clear that there are multiple sources of surveillance in the United States: the government, »