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Miles McCain ( is a student at Phillips Academy Andover. He is an advocate for privacy and government transparency, the founder of Politiwatch, and the author of

FOSTA-SESTA is now law. Where does that leave the Internet?

Though FOSTA-SESTA was signed into law just over one month ago, its impact on the Internet is already visible. The bill was meant to curb online sex trafficking. In reality, all it did was push sex workers back into the shadows—and ended an era of Internet freedom. What is »

Did John Bolton sabotage North Korean peace talks?

Everything was going so well. North and South Korea participated in the Winter Olympics under a single flag. North Korea destroyed its last known nuclear test site. Kim Jong Un met with South Korean leader Moon Jae-in, and they each stepped on the other's territory. The North even scheduled talks »

There's a media coverage gap. How will this affect 2020?

There is an incredible coverage gap between Trump and every other issue in today's news media. An unscientific poll of the front pages of major news publications indicates that around half of major stories are, in some way, about Donald Trump. Consider the front page of NBC News, where mentions »